The Perlus River, Perak, Malaysia.

The Perlus River, Perak, Malaysia.


The Perlus River runs through the mountainous state of Perak in Malaysia. It’s surrounded by beautiful jungle. Its’ remoteness bring with it beauty and danger. Sections can be very hard to scout and harder to set up safety. However, it’s non-stop fun and beautiful all the way down.

It consists of three sections: The Upper, The Middle, and The Lower Perlus.


This is one of the few rivers that runs all year round, although it’s going to be pumping in the wet season; Oct-Dec.

Time Needed

Full river 3 days or 1 day per section.


12402073_10208249835585082_4594441776878467456_oFor this river you’re going to want some good creek boats. I’ve taken a few boats down it and the best have been the Titan Yantra and Liquid Logic Remix. I have had some close misses with friends on this river, and although I took a play boat on the first descent I wouldn’t do it again.

Pin kit: I recommend a minimum of a 3-2-1 wrap kit, knife, and throw bag. If possible bring a hand chain/wire saw for log removal and heaven forbid a pin.

First Aid: There is no help coming fast. The Perlus is remote and far from any hospital. Take a well stocked first aid kit.

Getting There

The Perlus is located in Perak Malaysia. A rental 4×4 car is a must. This is really the only way to get kayaks around Malaysia. The Perlus is accessible via a logging road that runs parallel to the river sometimes coming with a few 100 metres. Drive to the town of Sungai Siput.


Sections Mentioned

Upper Perlus 


Grade: 3-4 (possibly 5 for some sections in different flows)

Video Documenting the First Descent of the Upper Perlus

Blog Documenting the First Descent of the Upper Perlus:

Middle Perlus 

Grade: 3-5. This short section offers some committing full on rapids. Each rapid deserves a scout before hand. It’s steep with waterfalls and mainly runs through a gorge.

Video documenting the first descent of the Middle Perlus.


Lower Perlus

Grade: 3-4+. Mainly grade 3 with one beautiful grade 4 rapid near the end and another grade 4+ at the very end.


We have tried to be as detailed and accurate as possible with the information included on this site to inspire and prepare you for your adventure ahead. However, no amount of information is a substitute for experience and judgment.  Weather, conditions, perception and experience level can cause this information to change.


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